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With total sales of around 3 million hectolitres, Pivovary Staropramen is the second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the Staropramen brand is one of the best-known and best-selling Czech beer brands abroad. Beer lovers can enjoy it in more than 35 countries. The company operates two breweries - Staropramen in Prague and Ostravar in Ostrava and is a leader in beer innovation.

Values and strategies

Put people first

We behave respectfully, complement each other and thus form a strong and successful team.

Be bold & decisive

We come up with new ideas, act straight, react quickly and are not afraid to change established order.

Take accountability

We keep our promises, meet our obligations, assume responsibility for our own decisions and learn from our mistakes.

Learn everyday

We constantly seek opportunities for improvement and support each other.

Celebrate together

We are proud of our brands and achievements and know how to celebrate success.

Molson Coors Beverage Company background

Since 2013 Pivovary Staropramen has belonged to the Canadian-American group Molson Coors Beverage Company, which is the fifth largest brewing company in the world in terms of brewed beer volume. Thanks to the background of a strong international company, Pivovary Staropramen can spread the fame of the Czech beer abroad, although it retains a strong local identity and autonomy.

Molson Coors Beverage Company background

Responsible entrepreneurship

Endurance and honesty are fundamental values shared by Pivovary Staropramen and the entire Molson Coors brewing group. As a significant manufacturer, employer and business partner, we actively help to create a high-quality environment for us to work and live in. We set ourselves ambitious goals for environmental and climate protection, as well as for the responsible handling of natural resources, in order to minimise the footprint that we, as a manufacturing company, leave behind us. We support responsible consumption and provide our consumers with a broad range of beer and other beverage brands with a lower or zero alcohol content. As a good neighbour, we also invest in the development of communities where we collaborate with the municipal districts in which our breweries are located, as well as with NGO partners.

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