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The decision to found a Joint-Stock Brewery in Smíchov was taken on 21st April. That is how it all started.


Construction of the Smíchov brewery began.


The first batch of Smíchov beer was solemnly brewed on 1st May. In July, the sales started. The beer production was planned to reach 22 thousand hectolitres.


The brewery was visited by Emperor Franz Joseph I. He praised the local beer and signed the commemorative book, unexpectedly, in Czech. A great honor for a purely Czech brewery.


The rapid development of the Smíchov suburb is reflected in the beer consumption. The local brewery exceeds the limit of 100 thousand hectolitres.


The constituent general meeting of shareholders of the newly founded Czech Joint Stock Brewery in Moravská Ostrava – the predecessor of today's Ostravar.


On 4th September, the first batch of Ostrava beer was brewed. By the end of the year, more than 20 thousand hectolitres had been brewed.


As part of the fight against competition, the Staropramen brand was registered, and the brewery also registered other names such as Pračep and Starozdroj.

World War I

The breweries lost their best skilled workers, raw materials and machinery were requisitioned. Staropramen brewery was producing four-degree, maximum six-degree beer, and the Ostravar beer production declined to only 3,700 hectolitres of five-degree beer per year.


While Ostravar was affected by the deep economic crisis, Staropramen was profitable and turned into a modern enterprise. For many years it was the brewery with the highest beer production in our country. In 1939, it brewed 859 thousand hectolitres of beer, making it one of the three largest breweries in Europe.


Both breweries were hit by the suffering of the World War II. They even had to brick up the brewhouse in Smíchov to prevent the Germans from confiscating the material for use in the armaments industry.


After the war, the Staropramen and Ostravar breweries were nationalised and entered the post-war years as state enterprises. The Ostravar brewery was reconstructed and modernised in several phases and became the main beer supplier for the North Moravia region.


The export of Staropramen lager to Eastern Europe began.


The total beer production of Staropramen brewery reached 1 million hectolitres.


Staropramen brewery is privatised and the company Pražské pivovary is established.


The first stage of the Smíchov brewery modernisation begins with the construction of one of the largest brewhouses in Central Europe.


Ostravar brewery is also incorporated into Pražské pivovary.


The onset of branded restaurants – thanks to Staropramen, the first Potrefená husa restaurant is opened in Prague’s Vinohrady.


The original name Pražské pivovary is changed to its current form – Pivovary Staropramen.


Pivovary Staropramen has a new owner – Molson Coors Beverage Company.


The popular COOL beer mix brand presents its entire portfolio in a non-alcoholic version with 0,0 % alc. 


Launch of the new Staropramen 12 with a fuller and more balanced taste.

Ostravar beers are distributed nationwide.


Staropramen launches new Staropramen 10 based on original formula from 1877.

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