CSR Report

CSR report 2014 to download.

Foreword by the General Manager

Pivovary Staropramen as a major producer and employer is inseparably linked with Prague and Ostrava, i.e. cities where our breweries are located. Cooperation with municipal districts and local communities is very important for us. We want to be a good neighbour to our surroundings; and we therefore try to aim our responsibility-related activities at where our position is strongest and our footprint most visible.   kovar_stp_reditel.jpg

On the other hand, we do not avoid projects or activities with a wider impact and coverage either. In short, we are open to new ideas and existing project innovations or improvements that must inevitably come after devoting a number of years to CSR projects and taking them for integral parts of our corporate strategy. 

Our strong point is communication with partners and identification of their needs and the needs of communities they represent. Thanks to that our subsequent help is precisely targeted and delivered where it makes sense. Even the individual pillars of our CSR strategy fit together and interrelate so as to form a coherent whole under which we like to write our name with pride and by which we abide. And if all this is carried out under the auspices taking the form of our beer brands and with the support of our employees as proud ambassadors of our projects, who are actively involved in them, an outstanding concept and a whole is created thanks to which we know that we enjoy helping and we are good at it. 

Zbyněk Kovář

General Manager

Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o.


Archive CSR reports 20112012 and 2013.

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