We enjoy helping!

The Staropramen Brewery has been active on the Czech market for 145 years, and as a successful beer producer, we feel a sense of responsibility and commitment to our surroundings. Thus arose the concept of our social responsibility, which is based on four pillars: the environment, a responsible manufacturer, relationships with communities, and a responsible employer.

We want to be a "good neighbour". We therefore work with municipal authorities in the areas where we have our production facilities - the Prague 5 district and Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz. We also aim to offer long-term assistance to local non-profit organizations. These include the Centre for Assistance Dog Training Helppes, the Sue Ryder Home, and the Children's Rehabilitation Centre in Ostrava.

One of our most outstanding CSR activities is the project "You collect caps, we'll build...". Since 2011, when the project started as more of an internal activity, we have successfully engaged not only our employees, but also our partners and suppliers, and have extended it to music festivals. Find out more on the website Staropramen on social responsibility.

Staropramen Brewery is a member of the Business for Society platform, and in 2014 became a signatory of the Memorandum on Diversity 2013+. The company regularly participates in the project I'm Driving, Non-Alcoholic Beer for Me, which operates under the auspices of the Czech Association of Breweries and Malt Houses.


We are pleased that our efforts in the context of corporate social responsibility in 2012 were recognized with a 2nd place award in the TOP Responsible Company competition.

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