Company and brewery history

The date that can be considered the historical beginning of the company is Tuesday, July 13, 1869, when the Prague newspapers carried an advertisement announcing the subscription of shares in a new "Joint Stock Brewery in Smíchov". Its construction was planned in a locality that was then a suburb of Prague.

For practical purposes, that constituted the formation of the company that today encompasses the breweries Staropramen and Ostravar.

Brewery construction

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The period of the Czech national renaissance brought with it, among other things, increased popularity of Czech beer. It was during this time and for these reasons that the Staropramen and Ostravar breweries were built.

First batches and rapid growth

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As early as the last months of 1870, the brewery began to bring in ice, and the malting process commenced on 17 February 1871. On May 1st, the completion of the first brew was celebrated.

New century

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In the early 1900s, the Czech economy and our breweries enjoyed relative growth and the mood in society seemed to be optimistic.

World War I

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During World War I, both breweries, along with all other industries, experienced a major crisis.

The Golden Age of Staropramen

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Prague's economy began to recover in the mid-1920s. Construction began on a new stadium for Sokol meets in Strahov, and residential construction began to pick up as well.

Post-war history

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After the War, both breweries Staropramen and Ostravar were nationalised and commenced their post-war history as national enterprises. It was not an easy time for breweries.

Recent history

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The year 1992 saw the establishment of Pražské pivovary, a. s., which owned brewery Staropramen.

The present

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Pivovary Staropramen s. r. o. are currently the second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic.
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