Recent history


The year 1992 saw the establishment of Pražské pivovary, a. s., which owned brewery Staropramen. In 1994, the British brewery corporation Bass – one of the biggest beer producers in Europe – became the strategic partner of Pražské pivovary.

1996 brought the first phase of a major technical upgrade of the Staropramen Brewery in Smíchov with the construction of what at that time was one of the largest brewhouses in Central Europe. At the same time, the entire energy block was upgraded, including new cooling pipes, boiler, and compressors. Ostravar Brewery was acquired by Pražské pivovary, a. s. in 1997.


Starting in 2000, Pivovary Staropramen is part of the Interbrew group. Belgium-based Interbrew is one of the oldest producers of beer in the world – its foundation dates back all the way to 1366. Interbrew's strategy is to build a strong presence in the world's major beer markets. Interbrew's portfolio contains over 200 local brands, and it operates branches in 21 countries. The corporation is headquartered in Brussels. The Interbrew portfolio consists of strong international and local brands sold in over 110 countries. The international brands include the lagers Stella Artois, Labatt Blue and Rolling Rock, as well as specialty beers Bass Ale, Hoegaarden, Leffe and Belle-Vue.

In October 2003, following a thorough inquiry into how the company's erstwhile name was perceived, the company decided to change its name. The original name, Pražské pivovary a. s., given by historical developments, was changed to the new name: Pivovary Staropramen a.s. The corporate name change was a natural step arising out of the company's positive commercial and earnings performance. The new name makes it possible to build up a corporate identity and gives the company a clearer profile vis-a-vis business partners and the general public.

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