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Pivovary Staropramen works closely with more than 4,000 customers in the gastronomy and food service industry. Our beers cover the full range of requirements of today's consumers and are suitable for all types of businesses. It is solely up to you which beer you choose for your establishment, whether it is a restaurant, bar or a typical Czech pub. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to become one of our perfectly taken care of customers.


Branded restaurants

Since the turn of the millennium, we have been developing branded concepts that are operated as franchises.

Potrefená husa The oldest brewery restaurant concept on the market that meets the high demands of guests.
Naše Hospoda Pubs referring to the perfect Czech beer quality and honest gastronomy.
Ostravarna Establishments that bring unique atmosphere of Ostrava, the region of their origin, to other cities.
Fortel The concept seeks out unconventional locations and spaces and turns them into an unprecedented design stand providing an opportunity for meeting, sharing experiences, eating and an unconventional modern gastronomy concept.
Individual concepts

Individual concepts

Together with professional architects and other experts, we can create a unique place that will attract guests from a wide area. Everything in line with the owner's ideas, using our many years of know-how.

Tank restaurants

Tank beer is a guarantee of freshness and is becoming increasingly popular. We are the technological leader in the field and, at the same time, the fastest growing brewery in tank technology. Each “Tankovna” created with our contribution is unique and only depends on your wishes and possibilities as to what its concept will be.

Tank restaurants

Customer care

We are close partner to our customers, not only providing comprehensive services in the care of beer, but in many cases of the entire operation. By actively working together, we are even able to face the biggest of challenges, such as the coronavirus crisis in the first half of 2020, when we supported our customers with a programme worth more than CZK 15 million. 

Thanks to more than 150 years of experience in brewing and gastronomy, we know the needs of our customers. We are therefore able to direct all our activities to create maximum support for them.

Quality is our first priority. That is why we established the First Staropramen Brewing School more than 20 years ago, which all of our distributors and selected business partners are shown round.

Through our customers we pass the properly-treated beer from our breweries on to end consumers. This is why we help with perfect service and take care of the beer so that it is always fresh and tastes as good as in the brewery yard.

Broad portfolio

We offer a selection from a broad portfolio of established brands that consumers have grown to love over many years on the market.

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