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As a major producer, employer and business partner, Pivovary Staropramen is naturally interested in the environment in which it operates. We are constantly striving to reduce the footprint we leave behind our activities – we responsibly handle natural resources, innovate packaging materials and look for alternatives to existing packaging or use new technologies. We see each of these steps as an integral part of the responsible approach to business to which we proudly subscribe.

As part of the local sustainability strategy and the strategy of our parent company Molson Coors, we also take care of the development of communities living around our breweries, as well as of our employees, without whose involvement and enthusiasm we would not be able to push things forward and achieve good results.

Beer culture has a long and rich tradition in our country. In an ever-changing world, every day we have a difficult task to follow up on this legacy, meet our commitments and fulfil the expectations of all stakeholders. It is up to us whether we take on our task with the passion our industry deserves and move the imaginary bar a little higher again. We chose this path a long time ago, and we will be happy if you accompany us on it.

Our concept

Local strategy

In the area of sustainability and social responsibility, we place great emphasis on local conditions. The goals in this area, entitled "Our Imprint 2025", were set in 2017 in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. Looking ahead for 2025, we have identified three critical areas we focus on and, within which, we have defined the following objectives:

Molson Coors Beverage Company

Molson Coors
Beverage Company

We have the background and support for our activities and plans in our parent company MCBC.

Our local Sustainability Strategy builds on our global strategy entitled Our Imprint 2025.

The sustainable business goals of the Molson Coors Group were defined in close cooperation with our stakeholders in such a manner as for them to reflect the problems that our sector faces – from climate changes to increasing need to protect precious resources.

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